Bicarbonate enriched Marseille soap shavings: innovation in the purest tradition of cooking in a cauldron.

    The Bicarbonate Company worked with the famous Savonnerie du Sérail to combine the freshness and strength of bicarbonate with the softness and suppleness of real Marseille soap. This new manufacturing process preserves the intrinsic qualities of bicarbonate and Marseille soap: the saponification in the cauldron is not disturbed and the bicarbonate is not degraded by the temperature.
  • Neutral formula. No preservative additives, coloring or synthetic fragrance.
  • Respects the skin and the environment:the absence of additive limits the risk of allergic reaction and allows a rapid and complete biodegradability.
  • Can be used both as a dry chipping liquor for the machine or for hand washing but also as a highly concentrated polyvalent liquid soap.
  • Transparent crystal bag resealable by Cellotwist link in vegetable matter.
  • Removable 50 ml pod (manufactured in Lyon).
Ingredient list
Ingredients Sodium palmate, aqua, sodium palm kernelate, elaeis guineensis oil, sodium bicarbonate, cocos nucifera oil, lavandula hybrida grosso herb extract, sodium hydroxide, palm kernel acid, sodium chloride, limonène, linalool, glycerin, tetrasodium etidronate
Packaging Transparent bag
Weight 1kg (35.30 Oz)
Dimensions 21,5 x 18 x 12 cm
8.45 x 7.05 x 4.70 in

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Marseille soap Flakes with BICARBONATE 1Kg - Natural Lavander

  • 21.95$

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