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Are you one of the 80% of women who suffer from cellulite? A simple little ritual can help the appearance of it on your body! Of course, good lifestyle habits such as drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and practicing regular sporting activity is the basis for reducing the appearance of it. That said, you can treat your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite with massage and good hydration.


To start, target the part of the body that needs a little boost. There are three kinds of cellulite:

  • Aqueous cellulite, which combines excess fat and water retention, is found all over the body. It is often accompanied by the sensation of heavy legs.
  • Adipose cellulite is mainly anchored on the thighs and buttocks: it is the famous saddlebags.
  • Fibrous cellulite, encrusted for a long time, it is hard to the touch and hurts when pinched

Once your type of cellulite has been identified, you can move on to the massage, which varies according to its type.

Then take the Coffee Aleppo soap to perform the massage. Caffeine contributes to the drainage of tissues and the stimulation of circulation. This exfoliating soap combines the properties of caffeine with those of antioxidants, not to mention the effectiveness of the exfoliation itself which, by eliminating dead cells, leaves the skin smoother and more even. Olive oil, on the other hand, has the ability to preserve the hydration of the skin.

To perform the massage, you can take the soap directly to massage your skin or perform the massage using an exfoliating glove. The ideal duration of the massage is 5 minutes. Each type of cellulite has its massage.

  • For aqueous cellulite: Squeeze your ankles with both hands and press up to your thighs: this promotes lymphatic return.
  • For fatty cellulite: Opt for kneading maneuvers, which will help destock fat.
  • For fibrous cellulite: prefer the palpate-roll technique by mobilizing a large fold of skin along your thigh with both hands.

For targeted action, massage morning and evening, always in a circular motion on the affected areas. The massage will stimulate microcirculation and promote the sensation of drainage for toned and more beautiful skin.

Finish this beauty ritual by rinsing your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then moisturize your skin with vanilla argan oil which will awaken your senses with its intoxicating scent. It will leave your skin with incomparable softness.

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