The first time we saw the different Aleppo soaps, we were lost! Aleppo soap: 15%, 20%, 35%, 55%, 80%… There is something to be perplexed about when we want to choose the right Aleppo soap for us!

First, what does this percentage mean? Aleppo soap is a balance between olive and bay leaf. Olive oil gives the soap its legendary softness. Laurel berry oil gives it strength, fragrance and dermatological properties. The percentage inscribed on Aleppo soaps corresponds to the proportion of bay laurel oil in its composition. For example, a 20% Aleppo soap is composed of 20% laurel berry oil and 80% olive oil. The higher the percentage of laurel berry oil, the greater its properties. therapeutics for the skin are great.

The big question remains, what percentage is right for me?

A soap with lots of olive oil will be very gentle on the skin and the high percentage Aleppo soap has utility for people who suffer from skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. The high content of laurel oil is indeed beneficial in relieving these conditions. Laurel berry oil is decongestant, antiparasitic and effective against skin inflammation, to name only these virtues.

Aleppo soap 1% laurel:

Very gentle on the skin of adults and children given its high content of olive oil, it is also less expensive.

We have a special crush on the Supreme Tradition Aleppo soap resulting from slow cooking in a cauldron.

Aleppo soap 5% Laurel:

Very good for the toilet, sensitive or dry skin and even for dandruff!

Aleppo soap 25% laurel:

Very pleasant, it gives off the pleasant earthy fragrance specific to bay laurel oil.

Very good for the toilet, sensitive or dry skin, problem skin, dandruff.

Aleppo soap 40% laurel:

Extremely pleasant.

Very good for the toilet but in particular for oily skin, problem or affected skin and you can use it as a shampoo against stubborn dandruff.

Some wonder, why not 50% 70% or even 100% laurel? Some large soap factories have overcome the technical obstacles and acquired the know-how to make such soaps, but do not do so in large quantities because it would require a large investment due to the price of bay laurel oil.

Now that you know a little more about this expensive soap, have you found YOUR Aleppo soap?