What you need

Here are the steps:

  1. Rub a knife against the surface of the soap to make small crumbs as fine as possible (be careful, do not really make a lot, this toothpaste is used in very small quantities)
  2. Put the soap crumbs in a bowl with a few drops of water and mix. Lumps may form, but over the minutes the soap will dissolve in the water (it may be necessary to add a little water as you go).
  3. Leave for an hour (add a little water if the soap is thicker than the one in the photo opposite). Add a few drops of peppermint (be careful, put very little, for example 3 drops for a small jar, because its taste is strong. Essential oils are very concentrated and therefore to be used sparingly).
  4. Put the mixture in a small glass jar that closes.

The little trick: for the soap to crumble well, it must be dry. For this, leave the soap in the open air for a few days before making the toothpaste.

To brush your teeth, put on your brush a tiny amount, you will be surprised as the toothpaste foams as soon as you rub.

The taste may bother some at first (although it mostly smells like mint). Don’t panic, you get used to it really quickly. After a few days, you won’t even feel it anymore.

Toothpaste can be kept for at least 3 months out of the fridge.

I do not recommend this recipe for children, because they may swallow it.

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