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Did you know that you can protect your exterior lime plasters and paints?

Soap treatment of lime plasters and paints is a little-known technique. However, it dates back to Roman times!

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Fight ants differently this year!

The cost of chemicals in the market is quite high and does not always work. Why not opt for an eco-responsible way?

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A simple and ecological way to maintain your camping equipment, tents, tarps and sails.

Did you know that baking soda is an excellent deodorizer and makes it easier to maintain your outdoor equipment?

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Pamper your plants by protecting them from aphids and treating diseased ones.

Every year you use creativity to repel aphids, caterpillars and spider mites. You may be wondering if it can affect your plants by treating them with all these products

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Grill cleaning

No need to spend a fortune on specialized products for the maintenance of your barbecue. A very simple method is to leave your barbecue grill in the damp evening grass for the whole night.

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